Saturday Puppy Seminar 10-17 and
Sunday Fit for Competition 9-16
Seminars fit well together

In a puppy seminar we go through how to teach all obedience exercises to a pup and how to create a strong dog and handler relationship.
We also train young dogs age between 2-18 months, who are selected to different exercises among the spectators.

Sunday’s topic is, how to put all exercises together and prepare a dog to championships. We discuss how to 
control dog’s emotions and build a mental toughness for competitions. In this seminar, we train dogs who are preparing to championships.

If you are interested in participating with your dog, please remember to write to the order your dog’s information (age, breed, titles) and one-two exercises you wanted to train and describe the problem what your dog has in the exercises. Dogs will be chosen and participants informed by email approximately one week before the seminar.

Seminar language is English and it will be translated also to Estonian.

59,00 €
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Tagadi’s training field is located app. 22 km from Tallinn

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