How to use easy and intelligent methods and get a dog working high in drive but still perfectly under control in protection work.

Our main focus is, what the handler can teach to a dog without a helper; playing, out command, hold & bark, call out from the helper, back transport, side transport and eye contact heeling.

We also talk about the handler’s right movements and emotions, which affect to dogs drives, confidence and support the good grip.

If you are interested in participating with your dog, please remember to write to the order your dog’s age, breed, titles and a little description of your dog’s character. Don’t forget to mention which exercise you would like to train:

1. playing & out command
2. hold & bark
3. call out from the helper
4. back or side transport
5. eye contact heeling with helper

Dogs will be chosen and participants informed by email, approximately one week before the seminar.

Seminar language is English and it will be translated also to Estonian.

Seminar starts at 9:00 with theory part, which is held at Hotell Dzingel, Männiku tee 89, Tallinn
Please arrive there latest at 8.30

The training part will be held at Tagadi training center

If you don’t have a credit card, please book your ticket by sending an email to:

69,00 €
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C-part Obedience Day 23.10.2016 Tallinn, Estonia

C-part Obedience Day 23.10.2016 Tallinn, Estonia